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Employee Appreciation Gifting Guide

Posted by Andrea Krejci on

Anyone who has employees knows that a reliable, trustworthy, and hardworking team makes all the difference. A pat on the back or a "good job" is nice but showing your appreciation goes much further. What...

Meet Weav Local Partner, Jamie "The Cookie Lady", Owner of Three Birdies Bakery

Posted by Annie Krejci on

Jamie, "The Cookie Lady", owner of Three Birdies Birdies Bakery is a fun, unique, and very valued local partner of Weav. Jamie's creativity and artistic ability takes decorating sugar cookies to a whole new level!...

Meet Weav's Local Partner, Tammy Randall, Owner of Silverpine Studio

Posted by Annie Krejci on

One of Weav's most popular gift items is the Washington State Mug made by Tammy, owner of Silverpine Studio. Tammy makes a few different mugs for Weav, and all of them are very popular! Let's...

An Interview with Jessie Veselka, Owner of BeYOUtiful Bath Bombs and More

Posted by Annie Krejci on

We love our local partners and their stories! There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of these local Spokane small businesses. We want you to get to know them and their stories...

The Welcome Home Gift Basket

Posted by Annie on

As you may have read in our recent blog post, Why Weav Gift Baskets are Perfect Closing Gifts, we love the idea of a local housewarming gift. We asked a handful of realtors what they...

5 Local Creators Share Why They Shop Local

Posted by Annie on

More than ever, we are encouraged to shop local. Why is it so important to shop local and support local businesses? When we shop at local Spokane businesses, we are spending money that will be...

Why Weav's Gift Baskets Make Perfect Closing Gifts for Realtors

Posted by Annie on

As a realtor, not only do you want to give a closing gift that is meaningful, memorable, and unique for your client, but it needs to be time- and cost-effective to you. According to a...

The Benefits of Shopping Local

Posted by Annie on

Weav wants to be a part of the local small business community while also supporting the small business within the community. We often hear that it's good to shop local, but do we really know...

All About Weav

Posted by Annie on

Hi, I'm Annie! I'd like to take a minute and introduce myself. My name is Annie. I live on the South Hill here in Spokane with my husband James and four children, Mason (6), Slater...