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5 Local Creators Share Why They Shop Local

Posted by Annie on
5 Local Creators Share Why They Shop Local

More than ever, we are encouraged to shop local. Why is it so important to shop local and support local businesses? When we shop at local Spokane businesses, we are spending money that will be put back into our community.

Like Deb from Roast House Coffee says, "for every dollar spent with national or out-of-state companies, 70% LEAVES our community, undermining the very local businesses and services."

Are you looking for a local Spokane gift basket? If so, we've got you covered! When you purchase a local Spokane gift basket from Weav, you are supporting many local Spokane businesses.

Currently, Weav represents 23 local business with 4-5 more in the works! We enjoy working with local business and love representing them in our local gift baskets. Five local business owners and creators represented in Weav gift baskets share why they shop local.

1. Drew and Cerina Henry shop local in Spokane because they believe when you're investing in local businesses, you're investing in local people.

Drew and Cerina Henry are the owners of Revival Tea Company. They have quickly turned the tea world upside down. The company's mission is to "Revive The Tea Industry", honoring the past while creating the future. Earlier this year, they opened a tea tasting room downtown Spokane.

Drew and Cerina shop local because "when you're investing in local businesses, you're investing in local people. Not just the business owners but the employees. If we all do our part the money stays local and is circulated across the Inland North West."

A couple of Drew and Cerina's favorite local Spokane businesses are Mama Torrez and Roast House Coffee.

2. Deb Di Bernardo shops local in Spokane because Spokane is a community of friends!

Deb Di Bernardo is the owner of Roast House Coffee. Roast House Coffee "honors the flavors and character of the individual regions as well as the skill and perseverance of the farmers who work so hard to grow it. Roast house sources and roasts only the finest quality fair-trade and organic beans."

Deb shops local in Spokane because she says, "local business are my neighbors, my friends, their children. I shop because of this community of friends. Our small businesses are 100% dependent on each community support."

Deb enjoys dinning at local restaurants and shopping at local stores, such as Auntie's Bookstore and Mountain Gear (until they recently closed their doors). Deb points out, "national chains offer inexpensive foods, but the money leaves our community, our tax base."

3. Leo Walters shops local in Spokane because it is a way to stay connected and support our community and culture.

Leo Walters is the owner of Glorious Artisan Bakery. Glorious Artisan Bakery serves Spokane with authentic artisan sourdough and gluten-free breads. They also carry gourmet olive oils, balsamic vinegars, and original seasonings - baked goods and savory treats.

Leo says, "shopping local and going to farmer's markets are a way of staying connected and supporting the community and culture around me. Local stores and businesses have a pulse. You can feel the life in them, the joys, the tears, the ups and the downs. They're part of our life fabric."

Leo's favorite places to shop local are the thrift stores along the Monroe Corridor, Boots Bakery, Allies Vegan Pizzeria and Cafe, Spokane Art Supply, and Auntie's Bookstore.

4. Mikayla Orion shops Local in Spokane because she wants to support the small business dream.

Mikayla Orion is the owner and creator of Orion's Original Designs. Mikayla is a local artist who "envisions a world of color, positivity and happiness! There isn't anything she wouldn't try to put her paint brush to and create an abstract art piece that allows someone's imagination to take flight!"

Mikayla shops at local Spokane business because she wants to support the small business dream. Mikayla says, "I personally know the feeling behind an order being placed from something I created and it is the best feeling! When you support local you are supporting not just one person and their business but the community and family around them."

It is hard for Mikayla to choose her favorite local business to shop but she enjoys Reese Boutique, BeYOUtiful Bath Bombs and More, Sweet Frostings, and Ritters.

5. Casey Booey III shops local in Spokane because he wants to support the local economy.

Casey Booey III founded Booeys's Gourmet in 1995. He started off wanting to make a better hot sauce. He now has 7 distinctive sauces! From Hot & Tangy to Savory, he makes sauces that are the perfect balance between heat and flavor!

Casey shops local because he understands that "to support our local small businesses in turn, supports our local economy." He enjoys trying out new businesses as often as he can. We all want to feel a part of a community, and Casey Booey thinks this is a great way of doing so.

Some of Casey's favorite local businesses are Bicycle Butler, River Ridge Hardware, Judy's Enchanted Garden, and the Asian Market on Divison.

Tips for Supporting Local Spokane Small Businesses

Meet the People Behind the Local Business

Behind each local Spokane business is a person with a family, employees, and a story. When you shop at local businesses you get to know these people and you can build a personal relationship. Leo's advice is to "visit them. Meet the people. Talk and have conversations. Find out what they're about, what drives them, and how they got started."

Follow Local Spokane Businesses' Social Media Pages

Following social media pages of local Spokane businesses allows you to keep up with the latest happenings.

Mikayla of Orion's Original Designs encourages people to interact with businesses on social media. Not only is it fun, but it helps local businesses tremendously. I love Mikayla's idea, "Choose for Christmas or a birthday or an anniversary that your family members ONLY purchase gifts that are from local small businesses."

Shop Locally Whenever Possible

Before you go out to shop, think "is this something I can get from a local business?" Whenever possible, support your local grocery store, your local gift shop, or a farmer's market before going to a chain store. Deb's advice is to "be smart about shopping local businesses. Inquire which local suppliers they use within their business and which local businesses do they shop?"

Look Beyond the Brand

I love this suggestion from Drew Henry, "Remember that all of these businesses have people and families behind them. It's easy to see the brand but we must remember its the people who make our favorite brands, not the businesses."

More than ever, it is important to support local businesses. Doing so, we are investing in local people, supporting local dreams, and it allows us to be apart of a community that is, in my opinion, very special!

Weav thanks you for supporting not only Weav, but the 23 local Spokane businesses represented in Weav gift baskets! When you buy a Weav local Spokane gift basket, you're supporting local and keeping dollars in our community.

We want to help you send the perfect gift, so please don't hesitate to contact us with any custom basket requests.

I'd like to thank my friend Melissa Berry of Everyday Spokane, with her help with this article. Everyday Spokane is your go to spot for the latest happenings in our town as well an informative guide to Spokane. To stay in the know of Spokane events, sign up for the newsletter.

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