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All About Weav

Posted by Annie on
All About Weav

Hi, I'm Annie!

I'd like to take a minute and introduce myself. My name is Annie. I live on the South Hill here in Spokane with my husband James and four children, Mason (6), Slater (5), Ivy (3), and Lennon (1). I was born in California but spent a lot of my growing up years in BC, Canada. I moved to Spokane about 8 years ago, about a year after my husband and I were married.

For the past 8 years, I have enjoyed the wonderful benefits of a close knit community. I love that during the summer and early fall months you can visit a farmer's market almost every day of the week! I love the small town feel of Spokane and am very grateful to raise my family here.

What is Weav?

Weav is a locally sourced gift basket company with the goal of bringing together the abundance of the Greater Spokane Region. Weav creates beautiful gift baskets for clients, employees, friends, and family while supporting some of the amazing and talented artists and businesses here in Spokane. Weav is the gift of local.

Why Weav and not Weave?

My original vision for these gift baskets was a sleek, modern, and unique gift bringing together amazing products from several local artists and businesses in an aesthetically pleasing way. To accomplish the full effect of this vision, I knew it was important to establish a name and brand that aligned with and embodied the profile of the product and the "brand-storming" began.

After many thoughts and ideas, I had initially settled on Weave, which captures the concept of "weaving" together local artists and businesses who collaborate, support each other, and cross-promote, creating a beautifully close-knit community. Next, considering the brand name from a visual point of view, I decided to remove the letter "e" from the name to align with the sleek, modern aesthetic flavor I was aiming to accomplish. Weav captures the essence of what makes my gift baskets unique from both a conceptual and a visual perspective.

If you're looking to learn more about these great, local gift baskets make sure you search "Weav Spokane" (without the "e"). If you search "Weave Spokane" you'll likely locate the best places to get a hair weave in Spokane, which can also be very useful but won't lead you to your next great client or family gift.

Weav was born.

There are two things I have always really enjoyed: farmer's markets and gift baskets. Throughout the spring and summer months of 2019, I realized there was a significant opportunity to create a gift basket company filled with local goods and products. With an abundance of ideas but not knowing where to begin, I started talking to vendors at farmer's markets and local events. Everyone I shared the idea with was incredibly receptive and encouraging; I was amazed at the level of interest and enthusiasm!

After several months of careful planning, market research, and consulting with local businesses, I arrived at three themed gift baskets perfect for the original vision of the company, and Weav was born!


Q: Does Weav deliver?

A: Yes! Weav offers free gift basket delivery in the Spokane area. See our Scheduled Delivery page on our website for more information.

Q: Does Weav ship gift baskets?

A: As of now, Weav offers US delivery for Mini Gift Baskets only for a flat rate of $19.95. We are working on more shipping options, so stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter here!

Q: Does Weav create custom local gift baskets?

A: Weav can create custom gift baskets. Just contact me with what you're looking for and we will do everything we can to accommodate.

Q: How many local Spokane vendors does Weav represent?

A: As of now, Weav represents 20 local Spokane businesses, with the hope of adding a few more very soon. To learn about the local vendors represented in Weav gift baskets check out our Local Partner's page on our website.  |  |  (208) 818-4133

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