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Learn About Weav's Local Partner, Booey's Gourmet

Posted by Andrea Krejci on
Learn About Weav's Local Partner, Booey's Gourmet

From the time first Weav began in August 2019, Booey's Gourmet has been a Weav Local Partner. Over the past few years, not only has Weav added more of Booey's products, but we have also formed a wonderful partnership. Booey's Gourmet is featured in 6 curated Weav gifts as well as in the Build Your Own Gift option. 

In this interview with the man behind the product, Casey Booey, learn more about the products, story, and future of these delicious and flavorful sauces and rubs. 

Tell us a little bit about Booey's Gourmet.

I created my first sauce in 1995. BOOEY'S GOURMET was officially created in 2012. I am multiracial. My father was in the military and he was Black and Native American and my mother was Japanese. I think my love for food was inspired by my mother Kazuko and father Casey Jr. as I I was exposed to many different cultures and foods because my father was in the AirForce. My knowledge and love for grilling and BBQ came from my father-in-law Marry Linane Sr.



What is Booey's mission statement?

BOOEY'S GOURMET mission is to introduce sauces and rubs unique in flavor and versatile in purpose. To introduce heat in my Pepper Finishing sauces at a level enjoyable for most. As our slogan states, “The Perfect Balance Between Heat and Flavor!”To support and collaborate with other local small businesses and provide positive experience whenever possible.


How and when did Booey's Gourmet start?

It’s kind of a long story. I had hot wings while at a conference in Minneapolis in 1995 and I thought that I could improve on it.

Later in 1995 I  created my first hot wings for my family. I started making them regularly for friends and family at gatherings and parties. I day a friend asked me to make them for his party. It was going to be a lot of work so I made him the sauce and told him how to make them. So I guess 1995, but officiallyI started  in 2012 when I had finally found a reliable copacker to produce my sauce. I feel I need to acknowledge a few people that have been key along the way. My friend and coworker Matt Gibson created the original artwork including the caricature for my Original Pepper sauce. As his work responsibilities grew we hired another talented designer Brian Morgan. Brian updated the color scheme of the original label and created 2 more  labels for me. My Sweet Jamaican Jerk which is currently out and my Dragon’s Breath (an Asian inspired sauce) which will come out soon.A dear  family friend Clancy Bundy has create the labels for my SmokeHouse BBQ sauce, Sweet Chile, Lime Cilantro sauces and my Vaquero Rub a local coffee based rub. It uses local coffee Roaster RoastHouse Coffee. I’m proud to announce that Iwill soon have an additional rub to offer. My son Kenji has create our Backyard BBQ rub and Clancy just finished  the caricature of Kenji for the label! 


Booey's has a variety of sauces and rubs. What are they?

My Original Pepper Sauce which is a Buffalo Style sauce. I created it in 1995

2) My Sweet Jamaican sauce.

3) My SmokeHouse BBQ sauce (inspired by a North Carolina mop sauce) has no tomato, ketchup or molasses. Thin sweet and tangy with a little heat.

4) My Sweet Chile, Lime Cilantro sauce. The main function of all my sauces I've created so far are as a "finishing" sauce, but they are versatile enough to be used in a variety of other ways, such as marinating, as an ingredient for soups or stews &  Bloody Mary's.

I currently have 1 rub/seasoning salt. It is named Vaquero and is a coffee based rub. I use ROAST HOUSE Coffee here in Spokane. Vaquero rub is my main rub when smoking and grilling, but it is also great as a seasoning salt on grilled or baked veggies, for beef or pork jerky,fish, rimming drink glasses, popcorn etc.. Lastly we have an new BBQ rub coming named BOOEY’S BackYard BBQ rub. This rub has a little heat to it aa-nd screams barbecue and summertime! 

What is the most popular?

The Original is the most popular. I think it is because it is something most people are most familiar with. Once people try the other sauces such as my Sweet Jamaican Jerk they are always surprised that it’s not what they were expecting! Usually if they taste it, they will buy it.


Being a local Spokane business owner, what do you value most about the community?

The support and love the community continues to show is inspiring and greatly appreciated! The support and receptiveness by local chefs has been pretty amazing as well and it is appreciated beyond words! Last but not least, the love and support by local retailers large and small I don't have enough words to describe my thanks and appreciation!


Where can we find Booey's products? 

Booey's products can be found in many places across Washington adn Idaho. See the full list of vendors here

Do you have any new sauce flavor or rubs in the works? What can we look forward to in the future?

Yep! We will be bringing out a new rub/seasoning salt simply named "BOOEY'S Backyard BBQ Rub" this spring! I am currently working on an Asian inspired pepper sauce named "Dragon's Breath" and the next sauce planned after that is my version of a Thai peanut sauce. I'm also playing around with a hot sauce to offer customers the want some heat.


Booey's products are featured in 6 Weav Gifts as well as the Build Your Own Gift Option.

The Riverside Gift Collection


The Perry Gift Collection



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