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Meet Weav Local Partner, Jamie "The Cookie Lady", Owner of Three Birdies Bakery

Posted by Annie Krejci on
Meet Weav Local Partner, Jamie "The Cookie Lady", Owner of Three Birdies Bakery

Jamie, "The Cookie Lady", owner of Three Birdies Birdies Bakery is a fun, unique, and very valued local partner of Weav. Jamie's creativity and artistic ability takes decorating sugar cookies to a whole new level! From baby showers to local logos to plated entrees, there's nothing Jamie can't create. We interviewed Jamie and although many of you may have seen or tasted her work, we wanted you to get to know Jamie and her local Spokane business.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Three Birdies Bakery.

J: Hi! My name is Jamie, and I was born and raised here in Spokane. I love my community, and am very much into supporting local! I have 3 beautiful daughters, who are my Three Birdies, and a wonderful husband. I have been baking my whole life, thanks to growing up next door to my Italian grandmother, but have been decorating cookies for almost 20 years.

Three Birdies Bakery really started on a whim. For Halloween and Christmas, we have a family tradition of decorating cookies. During December of 2017, I posted our cookies on Facebook, and one of my friends commented that she would have bought them. That comment stuck with me, so for Valentine's Day, I made a few example cookies, and posted them, thinking that a few of my friends would feel sorry for me and I'd sell maybe 15 cookies. Thanks to word of mouth, I sold 440 cookies! It took off fast from there, and Three Birdies Bakery was born.

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You recently started making cookies full time! What inspired you to take the plunge?

J: Leaving a full-time job that I had had for 15 years was one of the scariest things I've ever done in my life. Walking away from a guaranteed income and full benefits was everyone else but me. My job was a really toxic work environment. Cookies were an outlet for me, and decorating was my "escape". The stress of working two full-time jobs had taken its toll, with two hospitalizations from exhaustion, as well as the toll it was taking on my mental health. I had to step back and take a real look at what I was doing. While I was convinced, it took awhile to convince my husband. But after REALLY seeing the positive impact my cookies were having, he was convinced. And it was one of the best things I've ever done. Running a business is hard work, a lot harder than what people think, as they only see the pretty cookies. However, it's something that is so fulfilling, and I'm really proud of what I do.

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What are some of your favorite themed cookies to make?

J: I love baby shower cookies and flowers, but my favorite is a theme that is really important to the client. A shower for their rainbow baby, a child's first birthday, a wedding. I'm so blessed to be a part of these life events, and I don't think that magic will ever wear off for me.

You're very artistic, we can see that in the many hand drawn and designed cookies you create. Do you have any other artistic outlets you enjoy?

J: I love painting. I did most of the art in my house, as well. My mom blessed me with my artistic talent, and also the ability to break things down to see how they are made. So I'm constantly seeing things as "how can I make that a cookie?", or if it's a sign or craft, it's "how can I DIY this?". But with kids, most of the non-cookie art I do now is watercolor and coloring books.

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Tell us a bit about your subscription boxes! How does one sign up?

J: I love my Cookie Club boxes! You get themed decorated cookies once a month, a birthday treat, and even a referral discount! They make great gifts, or to have cookies on hand, or to just eat them all yourself :) And there are so many options! You can choose 6 or 12 cookies, pickup or delivery, and even how long you want your membership to be!

You can sign up through my website at

What are some of your favorite local Spokane businesses?

J: Oh man, there are so many. Our city is so blessed with a huge amount of amazing local businesses. Lucky Lady Bread makes the best sourdough bread, Leatherbird makes beautiful earrings, Emmaflhair makes the cutest hair accessories, Luxe Salon and Spa is incredibly welcoming and knowledgeable about everything hair. Then there is Paint in My Hair, Driftwood Home, Bigalow Gulp, D'bali Bistro, Ink & Honey...I really could go on all day.untitled image

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Jamie created logo cookies of some of Weav's Local Partners:

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Do you have any new cookie themes or new happenings you'd like to share?

J: This is my favorite time of year, so everything holidays is coming! I'll be making more 3D cookies, like the pumpkin truck I made a couple of years ago. I will also have The 12 Days of Christmas Cookies coming out in December, but keep your eyes peeled for the pre-sale in October! I'll also be doing some pop-ups with Stacie from Lucky Lady Bread around town, as well as The Farmhouse Flea in Greenbluff on October 3rd!

Order custom cookies and join the Cookie Club at

You can find Jamie's cookies in Weav gift baskets:

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