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Meet Weav's Local Partner, Tammy Randall, Owner of Silverpine Studio

Posted by Annie Krejci on
Meet Weav's Local Partner, Tammy Randall, Owner of Silverpine Studio

One of Weav's most popular gift items is the Washington State Mug made by Tammy, owner of Silverpine Studio. Tammy makes a few different mugs for Weav, and all of them are very popular! Let's get to know the local Spokane business owner behind these beautiful mugs.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Silvepine Studio.

T: I’ve done pottery in high school and absolutely loved it as well as a bit in college. I ended up buying my professors kiln from him and have had it for a while but never really got back into the swing of it. And then about 4 years ago, I decided to fire it up and just started making some things in my garage and fell in love with it again. Over time, I could really see how much I’d improved from my art since the beginning!

From the viewpoint of a local Spokane business owner, what are some of the greatest benefits of shopping local?

T: As a local business owner, shopping local is so great for many things. I love just the smallest connection a local craft can make you feel so much at home. As well as birthday and Christmas gifts for family who lived local and now out of state are just perfect.

What are a few of your favorite local businesses?

T: A couple of my favorite local businesses are Lucky Vintage and Annie's Candles.

Lucky Vintage has a cute barn with so many adorable household items and decorations and it’s always a great time going in. Annie’s Candles are amazing! I’m pretty sure I buy one every time I pass her booth at farmer's markets! There is such a wide variety and they all smell so delicious!

We love your mugs and have quite a few different ones featured in Weav gifts. What is your favorite mug?

T: My favorite mug would have to be my Rainbow Mugs. They have such a bright feeling every time I look at it and it just makes me happy that I have created it. They are also a fun and calming process to make and paint.

untitled image

What is your best seller?

T: My best seller would have to be my Spokane WA mugs with the heart! A lot of people love the reminder of where home is as well as gifting it to loved ones out of state.

What is your favorite product to make?

T: My favorite product to make would have to be bowls or planters only because I am making mugs all the time it’s fun to do something a little different. If I find another idea it makes me more motivated to have fun with it. 

untitled image

You have a beautiful booth you set up at different markets. Which markets are you doing now? Anymore coming up?

T: Recently, I have been doing the West in Market at Brick West Brewery every third Monday of the month. As well as the Bizarre on August 7th and Local Fest on August 8th.

We feel so honored to have Silverpine Studio as a local partner of Weav. Find Silverpine mugs in the following Weav gifts:

Tammy does incredible custom orders! If you are wanting to add an extra personalized touch to your gift, email Annie at

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