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Meet Weav's NEW LOCAL PARTNER Wouche Away

Posted by Andrea Krejci on
Meet Weav's NEW LOCAL PARTNER Wouche Away

We are thrilled to welcome Wouche Away as a new local partner of Weav. Wouche Away products are featured in Weav's new Ponderosa Baby Series. 

For a limited time, use Promo Code WoucheAway15 to receive 15% of The Ponderosa Baby Series. 

Learn about the company in this interview with owner, Dr. JE Ellington. 

Tell us about Wouche Away. How did you get started? 

Myself and my husband and business partner (Dr. C) invented the first FDA approved Fertility Lubricant, Pre-Seed. From this we knew having ingredients that are balanced to the body’s cells is critical in reducing irritation and diseases, and that many personal care products harm our healthy surface cells and kill our good bacteria. At the start of the pandemic in 2020 we had aging parents with skin issues, kids and grandbabies and extended family with chronic rashes, and myself with postmenopausal “down-under” irritation. I often found wiping and toilet paper very irritating. We had been working on designing a cleansing product for women, like myself, to use when they wipe, to decrease infections and associated odors. As we were looking through all the wet wipes on the market, we realized that a wet wipe couldn’t be made that didn’t have ingredients reported in medical studies to harm vaginal and rectal tissues or that didn‘t harm healthy bacteria. This is because wet wipes are damp and open to the environment - they are a bacterial culture dish and REQUIRE lots of preservatives, whether those are natural or synthetic based. We also learned that to decrease bacterial growth most wet wipes are made from plastic fibers that turn into plastic microfibers in our waterways! This made me stop and think how much irritation I had had with wet wipes. How much my kids had hated having their diapers changed (because they were irritated) and how much pollution we were making by cleaning human bottoms! A study then reported that babies with the most wet wipe use had the most diaper rash. What a crazy system! During this time, I had a woman ask me if I knew about reusable toilet paper. I thought that was one of the weirder things I have ever heard of, and I view myself as lifelong “natural” and “organic” shopper. I started researching this and spent 6 months designing a system for me to use at home with Wouche Away and flannel wipes + my bidet. For those in the know, I use a “dry” system consisting of a loaf pan to dry my used clothes for an odor-free bathroom. Now, if I use TP when I travel I right away become
irritated. I love my reusable TP system!

What is Wouche Away's mission?

Wouche Aways’ formulas: exclude any ingredients shown to be surface irritants, include patent-pending ingredients, including essential oils that support healthy human surfaces and microbiome (good bacteria), balance salt and pH for human surfaces and ensure low irritation in users including ourselves.

By designing the Wouche Away system for our family to use, Dr. C (a of Doctor
Pharmacy) created two formulas. Sensitive- as a revolutionarily mild formula with a new type of surfactant for an extremely mild cleansing. This is a popular choice for intimate wiping, baby diaper care and aging skin. We also use it on any scrapes or sores for cleansing and care. Natural – as an EWG Verified™ product as safe choice for you and the environment. It uses all naturally derived ingredients. Outdoor enthusiasts love this product. And it works great at your sink for handwashing or as a shower spray. It has been tested to be free of HEL List ingredients that harm waterways.

What is unique is that BOTH formulas come in a refill solution size that the user can then put into either, or both, foam or mist dispensers. So, you just need one refill to fill all your washing needs on the go and at home.

What is Wouche Away's best seller?

Our Natural On-the-Go kits (small foam and mist) and 16 oz Refill size are a hit across outdoor users, travel and for at home personal care from the face to total body care to below-the belt.

We are also distributor for select dry wipes and cloth wipes that we have carefully
screened and selected from women-owned companies. This includes: Nest Design unbleached 100% organic cotton, Wild & Pure organic cotton roll dry wipes, and Green Little Nest organic cotton cloth wipes.

Tell us about the Sensitive Full Care Baby Packs.

This includes the Nest Design wipes, which are very soft and unbleached ( I love this because bleaching introduces harmful irritating chemicals), with our Sensitive Wouche Away in the 4 oz mist. We have 7 grandkids now and learned a lot as our kids taught US how to best use this product in a low waste system for diaper changing.

It is a bit different to use:
The first step is to spray the baby’s bottom with the Wouche Away and to then wipe the mess with one corner of the dry wipe.
Fold the dry wipe to a fresh corner, spray again on the baby with Wouche Away and wipe again until all is clean.
We do a final leave-on spritz on the baby’s bottom to leave all the beneficial ingredients for the surface cells and good bacteria.
Our grandkids made the hand sign for “More” Wouche Away before they could talk. It doesn’t hurt or irritate, so diaper changing is time for giggles and fun! What a change from my poor kids 20+ years ago crying and screaming with red skin I
only made worse with “natural” products that were loaded with irritants such as glycerin and citric acid.

What are some popular uses for Wouche Away?

One of the issues we have had is that everyone uses Wouche Away for something
different! Leave-on, no rinse face care- a hit! Below-the-belt toilet paper foam or spray –a hit! Travel clean-up and water-less shower care – a hit! And of course, diaper changing– a hit.

Where can one buy Wouche Away Products?

Wouche Away is available at our site and at Amazon and at a few local Inland Northwest retail outlets (see our website). We are looking for more retail locations! Also be sure and sign up for our newsletter and social media sites like IG and TikTok at We do a lot of education on body care, including vaginal health, and have specials!

Find Wouche Away products in The Ponderosa Baby Gift Basket, The Ponderosa Baby Gift Box, and on the Build Your Own Gift section of our website.

Named after Spokane's official tree, the Ponderosa, this baby basket is filled with products made locally. The Ponderosa Baby Basket is a great way to welcome a new family member. Each item in this gift is either made from naturally derived ingredients or handmade by mothers here in Spokane.

Each gift is available for local Spokane delivery and pick up. For shipping options please check out Weav's gift boxes. All gift boxes ship anywhere in the US, making it an easy and thoughtful way to send a little bit of Spokane to friends, family, and loved ones.

For a limited time, use Promo Code WoucheAway15 to receive 15% off The Ponderosa Baby Series.

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