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The Benefits of Shopping Local

Posted by Annie on
The Benefits of Shopping Local

Weav wants to be a part of the local small business community while also supporting the small business within the community.

We often hear that it's good to shop local, but do we really know why it's good to shop local? It is good to be reminded of the many benefits of shopping local, from feeling a sense of fulfillment to our community to building relationships within our community.

Shopping Local Supports the Economy

When we shop local, the money we spend stays within the community, which supports a stronger economy. Local businesses support the economy by providing jobs for local residents. Jessie Veselka is the owner of Beyoutiful Bath Bombs and More, employs 5 people in their Northtown Mall location.

I like this stat, "For every $100 you spend at locally owned businesses, $68 will stay in the community. What happens when you spend that same $100 at a national chain? Only $43 stays in the community."*

Shopping Local Creates Relationships

Shopping local is better than shopping at a chain because you can associate a face to the product, service or restaurant. For example, when I started brainstorming the idea for Weav, one of the first things I did was talk to local business owners. I have met some incredible people. It is so fun to support and encourage those you've met and heard some of their story.

Jessie started making all-natural bath products when her brother was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer three years ago. She started researching all the things we consume and how they relate and can cause cancer. "Obviously food is a huge factor but it was so interesting to learn that 99% of the bath and beauty products that are being used contain a gross amount of disturbing ingredients... with your skin being your largest organ in your body it’s easy to see how all these toxic ingredients just soak into your skin and get into your blood stream so quickly." Jessie explains.

Shopping Local Supports Local Entrepreneurs

Did you know that Spokane was recently ranked for rate of entrepreneurship? For a variety of reasons, including quality of life, affordable housing, and a vibrant community, Spokane fosters its entrepreneurs. And what better way to support local entrepreneurs, grow our community, and keep our tax dollars in Spokane than shopping local?

Anchored NW Candle Company is owned by Brian and Megan Dalrymple. They are a husband and wife candle-making team, who both left their careers last year to start making candles full time. Megan says, "Now, more than ever, do we depend on others shopping local and shopping our candles and melts for our livelihood." They say each time they get an order or someone buys a candle they quite literally do a happy dance! How great would it be to make a local business owner that happy simply by purchasing one of their products?

Shopping Local Means Better Customer Service

Have you ever had a problem with an order from a big box retailer or other chain and been on the phone for hours? Or maybe spent a long time driving to the store, standing in line, waiting for the manager... you get the picture! By shopping local, you bypass all of that headache and hassle. Oftentimes you purchase directly from the owner and creator themselves, plus there is always an easy way to get a hold of someone (via phone, farmer's market, social media, etc.).

Holly, the artist and owner of Holly Paints Things, feels that "shopping local is more personalized because it has the feeling of home included. It may be easy to grab something on Amazon or a large retailer, but local finds are much more meaningful and thoughtful."

Shopping Local Supports Our Community

Did you know that local businesses donate more per sales dollar to local non-profits, events and teams compared to national chains?

Included in each Weav Gift basket and box, is the most recent issue of Art Chowder Magazine, a local arts and culture publication. In each Art Chowder Magazine is a coupon code. With each yearly subscription purchased, $5 goes to the Hope School in Spokane. The Hearing Oral Program of Excellence (HOPE) provides early intervention and auditory and language therapy to children who have hearing loss. The HOPE School in Spokane makes such a difference to children in our community who have hearing aids and cochlear implants.

5 Ways to Easily Shop Local

It doesn't have to be difficult to shop local! Here are five easy ways you can support your local Spokane entrepreneurs:

1. Visit a Local Restaurant

Visiting a local restaurant is not only enjoyable but it also helps support local business owners.

Going out to eat is one of my favorite pastimes and I have to say Spokane has some amazing local restaurants. If you were to ask any of my friends, my first choice for brunch is Chaps. From ambiance to their delicious menu it's hard to beat!

A family favorite is Republic Pi, especially on Tuesdays when each pi is only $10!

2. Visit a Local Nursery or Hardware Store for Your Home Needs

Instead of shopping at a big box store for your spring flowers and home improvement needs visit a local nursery like Ritter's Garden who has been apart of the Spokane community for over 70 years or a small locally owned hardware store such as Spokane Hardware Supply that's been offering exceptional customer service here in Spokane since 1945.

3. Shop Seasonal Produce at Local Farmer's Markets

You can generally expect Spokane's local farmer's markets to open in late May or early June and go until September or October, depending on the location. You can find a full list of farmer's markets in Spokane and the surrounding cities here, and for an in-depth look at the Kendall Yards Farmer's Market, check out the Kendall Yards Night Market review by Everyday Spokane here.

4. Shop Online Local Retailers

Amazon isn't the only place to do your online shopping! Many local retailers also offer websites and the ability to ship directly to your house. Weav offers free Spokane delivery on all gift baskets and free US shipping on all Gift From Spokane gift boxes.

Anchored NW Candle company offers $6 flat rate shipping on any order or free shipping on orders over $50.

5. Give the Gift of Local

When you're out shopping for gifts for clients, family members, and friends, consider giving the gift of local. With three themed baskets and gift boxes Weav has something for everyone. Give a beautiful gift basket while supporting local Spokane businesses!

Are you looking for the perfect local gift? Head over to our Weav's Gift Page to support your local Spokane entrepreneur.


Valentine's Day is around the corner! Shopping local can add to the thoughtfulness of your gift this year. With three different themed gift baskets and gift boxes, Weav has the perfect gift for your valentine!


I'd like to thank my friend Melissa Berry of Everyday Spokane, with her help with this article. Everyday Spokane is your go to spot for the latest happenings in our town as well an informative guide to Spokane. To stay in the know of Spokane events, sign up for her newsletter.

*Source: Civic Economics – Andersonville Study of Retail Economics.  |  (208) 818-4133 |

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