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Why Weav's Gift Baskets Make Perfect Closing Gifts for Realtors

Posted by Annie on
Why Weav's Gift Baskets Make Perfect Closing Gifts for Realtors

As a realtor, not only do you want to give a closing gift that is meaningful, memorable, and unique for your client, but it needs to be time- and cost-effective to you.

According to a recent article, The 33 Best & Worst Real Estate Closing Gifts, "The tricky part isn’t figuring out what your client wants, it’s finding gifts that are personal but not too personal, have meaning but not too much meaning, and remind your clients not only that you care, but that you’re THE local expert they can rely on for decades to come."

To better learn what realtors look for in closing gifts, I interviewed Lincoln Hill, a local agent for Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Realty. Lincoln won the Rookie of the Year Award for selling over 20 properties in his first year with the agency. In the past two years he has received the Sterling Society Award for property sales, an award reserved for the top 25 percent of all Coldwell Banker agents worldwide.

He said the top four things he looks for when choosing a closing gift for a client are:

1. Effort: A gift that shows the client you put thought and effort into their housewarming gift.

2. Cost: A gift that fits within your budget.

3. Client Connection: A gift that fits your client's lifestyle and shows that you paid attention.

4. Timing: A gift that can be delivered in a timely manner and works within the closing schedule.


Here are the reasons why Weav's local gift baskets meet each of the four categories Lincoln has described and why they are perfect for realtors and their clients:

Weav gift baskets are filled with local products and goods made right here in Spokane.

Each Weav gift basket is filled with local products. For new transplants to Spokane, these gifts will give them a sampling of some of our best local businesses.

Not only that, with Weav featuring over 20 local businesses, by purchasing a gift basket for your client, you are also supporting small business owners. See my post The Benefits of Shopping Local for more reasons why shopping small can be so beneficial.

According to Lincoln, "If I have a client moving to the area it would only make sense to provide a closing gift that connects them with the area that they are moving into. I typically go out and find local items that connect to my client."

But, he admits time is not always something he has a lot of, so "I usually hire out my closing gift and let the professional who has a passion for closing gifts and local items take care of that and I get the credit. It's perfect!" He believes that not only does this go over well with the client, but also works well with his budget and time.

Each Weav gift basket includes a Spokane-themed keepsake.

Weav gift baskets are filled with local, consumable products such as spices, caramels, bath products, tea and coffee. Additionally, the baskets feature products such as framed local photography, watercolor renderings, and customized coffee coasters, to regularly remind your client of the partnership.

Lincoln states, "If you're a real estate agent, you know that referrals are highly important to your business. It's all about building connections. People will stay connected if you go above and beyond for them. I personally feel one of the most important steps is providing a closing gift to my clients."

Weav gift baskets are unique.

Behind each product in a Weav gift basket is a story. A story that involves hard work and dedication from small business owners who live in our city; this makes Weav gift baskets unique. Your client is not only getting amazing products in each basket, but they can also try various products from local businesses.

Lincoln says, "I try to learn why my clients are moving. What is going on in their life causing them to make this huge change? I then support them in their choices no matter my own personal opinion and I provide guidance. When you do this they will stay with you long term and refer business your way. Once the client lands a house and they get their keys for the first time, I have a surprise gift for them that they are not expecting."

With three different themed baskets, from coffee to bath bombs, Weav has something that will connect with every client.

Weav offers free delivery in the Spokane area.

As I was interviewing Lincoln, I realized that time is precious for successful realtors and there is never enough of it. Weav offers free delivery in the Spokane area to give back some of that precious time while helping you give a client gift that shows effort, connects with your client, and is time and cost effective.

Like Lincoln said, "We all know we didn't get in the business to sit around and prepare closing gifts. We must outsource the whole gift idea just like you outsource the title compares, title reps, lenders, and photographers. I would never take my own photos for a listing because I am not a photographer. I spend money to get it professionally done. Just like I do with the whole title process and closing gifts. You try to step out of your well of expertise, you become less efficient, connect with less people, and close less transactions."

Weav would love to provide you with the perfect closing gift for your client. Visit our website to view all our gifts or contact Annie, to create a custom basket.

All Weav gift baskets are on sale for a limited time! Save $45 on all large baskets and $20 on all Mini baskets.  |  |  208-818-4133

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